Super Power Technology for Onshore & Offshore Oil Operation Services L.L.C (SPT) considers the safety and health of its people and the protection of the environment as a key factor while meeting its strategic objectives. These objectives are to increase the standard level and quality of its supplied products and services in order to satisfy its customer needs in the oil and gas industry.
SPT is continuously improving its Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality performance standards in order to protect the associated health and safety of its employees, customers, suppliers, and the public as well as prevent incidents, accidents, injuries, illnesses, environmental impacts through providing high quality products and services.

The above policies are achieved by the following QHSE goals:

  • Provide and maintain safe, environmental and healthy working conditions for all our employees, who are our business’ most valuable assets.
  • Provide appropriate tools, equipment, operational processes, safe systems of work covering all our activities and provide the required support to ensure success.
  • Establish a constructive relationship with our customers, suppliers and contractors and enhance their performance as they are major factors to SPT achieving great quality in its products and services.
  • Where there are risks to safety, health and environment, key points are assessed with due diligence. SPT will ensure that these assessments are carried out with the best practices in mind and that all remedial efforts will be implemented swiftly.
  • Appropriate objectives and targets are established and QHSE management programs are formulated.
SPT communicates this policy to all employees through training and daily management activities, both to ensure their understanding and to ensure that the policy is properly upheld. Our policy is made available to relevant interested parties upon request.
It is the responsibility of all members of Super Power Technology to commit themselves and endevour to achieve our QHSE goals; to follow procedures and instructions at all times and to take the necessary precautions and provide appropriate levels of safety to protect themselves, their colleagues, contractors, visitors, company assets and the environment. As our founder always says “One persons success is our success, but one persons failure is the whole groups failure”.
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